The Rise of the Carolina Room: A Perfect Addition to Your Dream Home

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Early morning sunbeams with a hot cup of coffee, an extra space for relaxing, and a good source of vitamin D are everything you can expect when you add a sunroom to your home.

Adding a Carolina room, whether you call it a Florida room, sunroom, or another name, is such a well-worth investment if you’re someone who loves natural elements and wants to bring the outdoors into your home.

In our guide below, we will discuss exactly what a Carolina room is, the benefits of adding one to your home, and home renovation tips.

Carolina room

What Is a Carolina Room?

Carolina rooms have been growing in popularity since Covid-19. There was a boom in people who wanted to access more natural sunlight in their homes due to spending more time at home than before due to lockdowns. ¹

These rooms are often an addition to a home renovation and use sliding patios or French doors to connect to the house. They are often used as extra space or even as living rooms, yoga studios, reading rooms, or offices.

The standout feature of these rooms is the wall frames, which hold numerous large windows to let all the natural outdoor light inside and sun. Depending on where you are in the world, they may be called different names, like a Florida room or a Carolina room.

You may also hear people refer to these rooms as three-season rooms or four-season rooms. A three-season room is a room that is often more affordable since it tends not to have heating systems, but this means the room might be too chilly to use in the winter.

Four-season sunrooms, on the other hand, typically have double or triple insulated glass and insulated walls. They are sometimes connected to the house’s main HVAC system, so they can be used during the winter seasons, too, but are more expensive.

Carolina room

Why Add a Sunroom To Your Home?

Apart from feeling like you’re outside but without all the pests, a Carolina room has several other advantages you might not have considered.

  • It can add value to your home – Having extra square footage added to your home is an investment in the long run, and sunrooms often add a lot of market value.
  • There are potential energy savings – More natural sunlight in your home means less need for artificial lights, which can save you money and is better for the planet!
  • It’s good for your health – Viewing nature and getting sunlight is good for your health and mental health, especially for people who suffer from mood disorders like SAD.
  • You can enjoy year-round enjoyment. If you have a four-season sunroom, you can enjoy it all year round since it’s connected to your main heating system.
  • There’s extra space – Of course, who doesn’t want extra space in their home for a moment to themselves or a glorious view of their backyard?

Design Elements To Consider – Carolina Room

If you’re planning to renovate your home and add a sunroom, then there will be a few design elements and features to consider.

Location & Usage

Before considering any other design elements, think about where your Carolina room is going to go and what you will be using it for.

For example, do you want to enjoy the sunrise or sunset? Do you want sunlight throughout the whole day? Will it be used as an entertainment room or as an entryway to your garden?

These questions will determine where is best to build your Carolina room to suit your needs.

Size & Placement Of Windows

Depending on what you will be using your Carolina room for, the size of the windows will change; for a garden view, you may want floor-to-ceiling, or for entertainment, they might not need to be this large.

You want to ensure some windows are openable while others are fixed; also, take into consideration the material of the windows; triple panes will keep heat in during the winter months while single panes are more affordable, so ensure they have UV protection, too.

Windows accounts for up to 75% of a Carolina room construction, so make sure you decide carefully according to your needs.

Heating & Cooling  

Maintaining a comfortable climate all year round for your Carolina room is key to keeping it an inviting and comfortable space.

Depending on your climate, insulated walls and windows may be enough, but some sunrooms will require a heater during the winter months. Ceiling fans may be needed in the summer to keep the room cool.

Quality thermal windows, as we mentioned above, can help immensely with maintaining a comfortable climate.

Flooring Options

Another important part of this home renovation project is the flooring. Factors such as the amount of sunlight the room will be getting, temperature, humidity, and budget can all affect what type of flooring you use.

For example, hardwood flooring adds a warm and natural look to your room, working flawlessly with the outdoor aesthetic. However, wood may fade over time due to exposure to sunlight.

Tile flooring may be a more durable option than hardwood, but it can get very cold and unpleasant under your feet during the winter months.

Furniture & Decor

Of course, it wouldn’t be your Carolina room without your personal touch.

Consider if your sunroom will have screens for the summer month; if so, ensure your furniture is outdoor weatherproof and fade-resistant. For a completely enclosed Carolina room, you have more flexibility when it comes to furniture.

Using Your Dream Home Renovation Experts

At Your Dream Home Improvements LLC, we have extensive experience building people’s dream Carolina rooms, sourcing only the best materials, HVAC systems, flooring, and windows to bring your sunroom to life.

Our home renovation company believes your sunroom should reflect who you are, which is why we create highly customized designs for every client, paying attention to intricate details that make it feel ‘you’.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and tell us about that dream Carolina room you’ve been thinking of. We will then give you a cost and estimate and get to work creating your dream space!