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Have you ever had an opportunity to change something in your life? A change that is so daring and powerful it realigns the trajectory you’re heading towards? Well, this is my story and one I want to share with you after joining Your Dream Home Improvements and welcoming a new addition to my family.

Welcome Joel Cortez

My name is Joel Cortez, and I’m grateful that I’ve been given this unique opportunity to share my story with you.

About three years ago, I was in a dark and destructive place. I felt completely lost in life, as I’m sure many people do, and even the good things in my life were either ignored or neglected. Admittedly, I chose to hold my father accountable for a long time, as he failed to play a solid role in my life, and things really took a turn for the worse when he left us. Back then, it seemed like I simply forgot how to function, and I didn’t feel able to appreciate anything.

Building a family - Your Dream Home Improvements

Embracing Change: From Anger to Family Unity

Today, I’m ecstatic to share that my story has a happy ending. I’m no longer held back by anger or fear. I’ve learned to forgive my father and have even salvaged a relationship where we can communicate.

My mother and I are mending old wounds together, and my partner and I are constantly working on our relationship. Nothing in this world is perfect, and even the smallest thing we can do to help others is to aim in that direction. To see the light even if we feel surrounded by darkness.

Remember, you will miss every shot you don’t make. So stand tall and give it your best shot!

My life has clearly gone through a filtering process, and now I’m a loving partner, the proudest father, and a diligent part of the team at Your Dream Home Improvements. Together, we help homeowners build their dream homes and a place to raise their own families.

Building a Strong Foundation: The Birth of a New Perspective

My story is a reminder that even in the face of unfavourable circumstances, you can overcome almost anything. Witnessing my partner go through a cesarean section has developed a more profound respect for all women and parents in general.

I also deeply appreciate the nurses who were involved with the birth of my son. Holding my son for the first time as a first-time father has filled me with love beyond description. I now do things that I normally wouldn’t. For example, I love to take care of people, and yes, unfortunately, this characteristic did not exist in me before.

Your Dream Home Improvements: Crafting Our Future in Fayetteville

Finally, obtaining a difficult job has made me even stronger than before, and this newfound strength is being nurtured to spread greatness.

Today, I am capable of initiating this journey in a new city, new home, and new career. My new city is Fayetteville! Our new home is small and cozy near Ramsey Street. My career is being built at Your Dream Home Improvements on Hope Mills Road, and I am proudly building a family with my partner.

Let us spread greatness together!

A Welcoming Community: Joining Your Dream Home Improvements

I still recall the first time I walked into the office to request an application to work for Your Dream Home Improvements.

You immediately notice the attention to detail and professionalism that the team instils. I’ve always had an interest in construction, and this was the initial attraction to the job, but I left with a sense of hope on that fateful day.

The way in which the management team treated me with professionalism, attention and respect gave me the motivation I needed to come back. And that’s what we aim for at Your Dream Home Improvements when it comes to clients. We go above and beyond for our customers in the most professional and respectful way we can. My time at YDHI is invaluable and I continue to learn and grow both on a personal and professional level.

Through hard labor, I have learnt about the unique atmosphere and people that YDHI has. The company itself has over a decade of experience, and it’s secret. Taking care of people! This is their core theme and is at the center of each and every project they complete. From the initial phone consultation to the end result, we strive to take care of you!

A Culture of Care: The Heart of Your Dream Home Improvements

I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to read my story, and I hope it’s left you feeling uplifted. In life, all you need is a handful of people to believe in you in order to change what needs to be changed and move forward.

In my case, a few people believed in me here at Your Dream Home Improvements, and I’ve come so far in just a short amount of time. At YDHI, our location, resources and doors are always open to you!

Together, we can build a better, brighter tomorrow!