5 Home Repair Trends to look out for in 2019

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A study by Nielsen research group shows that spending on home improvements and repairs will increase at a solid clip in the year 2019. This is because many homeowners will be targeting to increase the value of their property.

Nielsen believes that expenditure might somehow taper in the first half of the year but gradually increase to a solid 7%, which will be higher than last year’s 5.4%. Annual spending on home improvement is expected to reach nearly $350 billion.

A growing economy and strong job markets will be boosting the willingness of homeowners to invest in improvements and repairs. Many of them will be taking bolder moves by trying interesting textures and colors. Unexpected use of metals will dominate remodeling in the year.

This begs the question, is your house ready for 2019? Now is the time to try something different. In this regard, here are some of the trends you should look out for in 2019.

Remodeling will not be Slowing Down any time soon

With the increase in demand for rental houses, remodeling will be steady and on the rise. According to HIRI experts, home prices are on the rise. Additionally, with the lack of spaces for new construction in some areas, and the trend of homeowners aging in place makes remodeling the only option to increase property value and to keep it up to date. The average house stock of the homes in the US is approximately 38 years. Remodeling will come in handy to keep them in good condition.

Home Improvement will focus on Healthier Living Spaces

Of late in the media, we have seen reports of formaldehyde being released from laminate flooring and cases of contaminated water among other home health scares. This has become a major concern to many homeowners. That is why in 2019, homeowners will be investing more money on improvements, which will create healthier living spaces.

These renovations will include water purification, installation of comfort-focused technologies, air filtration, and circadian lighting just to mention a few.

Paying more Attention to Resiliency and Sustainability

Natural calamities are occurring without warning and more frequently than the previous years. Most of the homeowners will be going for solutions that are more resilient. The homes that won’t embrace these reforms will stand a legitimate risk of being damaged in case adverse weather. This will even cost more for the homeowners. That is why we expect to see more use of metal in home improvement in the year 2019. Additionally, we will see the installation of oversize gutters, and downspouts not to mention ice water shield on the roof.

More use of Natural Materials and Motifs

The world is going green. Most of the people are yearning for comfort and warmth that comes with natural touches. Antony Chandler the President of Archifoma Group, feels that relaxing in your sitting room should evoke the same feeling as lying under a giant elm tree. In the year 2019, we expect home renovations to integrate a floral touch and other plants-based improvements.

Integration of Richer Color Palette

As we mentioned earlier, we expect homeowners to take bold moves when it comes to home improvement in 2019. One of the steps they will be taking is integrating a richer-color palette. Even though designers feel that muted colors avoid making living spaces overwhelming, we will be seeing homeowners using bolder colors. This year, be on the lookout for statement pinks, bold yellow, dramatic red and organic green.

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