When it comes to Flooring Your Dream Home is Your last step!

Meet the latest addition to our family of products- The Luxury Vinyl Tile.  Your Dream Home Improvements LLC is pleased to present the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) which has the ability of giving your floor a three dimensional appearance.  An LVT creates depth and stability and assumes a more superior status to other floor types as a result of its movable characteristic.


One more reason to try out the LVT lies in its low cost when compared with other wood floor costs. For instance, while a hardwood floor costs between $8 and up to $25 per square feet, an LVT costs $2 and up to $5 per square feet. Now that’s a huge difference when selecting the flooring for your home.


Like every other products, there are merits and drawbacks of using an LVT.  While an LVT is cheaper compared to other wood floor types, it also has a shorter lifecycle hence other wood floor types are designed to last longer than an LVT.  Other drawbacks are:

  • Inability to be refurbished: By nature an LVT cannot be fixed. Once it is destroyed, that’s it.
  • An LVT has zero value during a home resale.
  • An LVT is almost impossible to take out, particularly if it was glued.
  • An LVT is difficult to reutilize.


Despite its drawbacks, an LVT has certain merits that makes it stands out from other wood floor types. For starters, it is one of the easiest floor types to clean.  It gives a soft and cosy feel to the feet and absorbs the sound of one’s feet thereby reducing the sound to a minimum.   An LVT also has a Kill ON CONTACT effect on bacteria. Hence, any bacteria that comes in contact with it dies. And finally one of the benefits of having an LVT floor is its elasticity, its firm and hard-wearing layer.

Flexible Financing Options

Best of all, Your Dream Home Improvement provides flexible financing options for your home repairs and services that will accommodate your installation needs, help you manage cost and still maintain your budget.

  • No Application Fee
  • Quick Approval Process
  • We’re Here to Help
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