New Season, New Look

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Welcome to home improvement season, local contractors say. While it might seem like everybody is buying a new house this spring, many are choosing to renovate or upgrade their current homes.
Good neighborhoods, strong school systems or a love of their house are all reasons that families choose to stay put. But sometimes those homes they adore need a little freshening up.

The kitchen is one of a home’s public spaces and a huge part of the family community. Not surprisingly, it’s an area that homeowners frequently choose to upgrade. More revealing is the fact that kitchen upgrades can happen on almost any budget.

For a few hundred dollars, homeowners can change out the hardware to give their kitchen a more stylish look. In the $6,000 to $7,000 range, they can replace countertops and cabinets, if they do the work themselves. A new kitchen with an island and upgraded appliances is obviously a more substantial investment, coming in around $40,000, she says. But many families feel the investment is worth it.

The average bathroom remodel costs homeowners from $15,000 to $25,000. Again, it’s an improvement homeowners like, because it adds to the overall livability.

Putting a new marble floor in a kitchen or bathroom can cost around $8 to $30 a square foot, and sometimes higher, depending on the size of tile, design, material and color. White has been a popular color choice for the past few years and will likely remain a top choice for 2018 as well.

Home design magazines are featuring spacious and airy rooms, and in them, are a mix of antiques and contemporary products. Some clients are mixing European antiques along with some art deco items for a look that is not so ornate and a space that is less congested. The results are beautiful.

For homeowners who are not that far along in the redecorating process, he recommends getting started by choosing what they want to keep from their existing décor.

The good news for homeowners who want a fresh look is that there is a wide range of cost involved in redecorating.

What about outdoors? April is when the landscaping season gets underway. The two biggest requests: Patio work, or replacement, and plantings.