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Instead of spending thousands on revamping kitchens and other previously popular parts of the home, the trend is shifting toward bathroom remodels. More and more people are discovering the beauty, style, and luxury their bathroom’s can contain by renovating their bathrooms with the latest bathroom furnishings and fixtures. No longer is the bathroom a cold and quiet room hidden away in your home. Today, bathrooms are taking on more vibrant and modern designs and highlights. The influx of exquisitely crafted contemporary bathroom vanities, sinks, and faucets has provided homeowners with more options, designs, and styles to push the look and feel of their bathroom to the highest level.

From Simple to Ornate – Your Bathroom Renovation Options

Your Dream Home Improvement design has taken on a life of its own. From simple, sleek designs to ornately constructed and fashioned fixtures, bathroom remodelers definitely have their pick of the litter. However, updating your bathroom to a more modern look involves more than slapping in a new toilet or sink. If you want to truly renovate your bathroom into a work of art, you need to remodel all aspects of your bathroom so that all the colors, styles, and angles flow together to create the new, luxurious ambience your bathroom deserves.

Updating the Bathroom Vanity

Go and take a look at your bathroom vanity. How old is it? Is it cracked, dull, faded, and/or just plain ugly? If you’ve never remodeled your bathroom, chances are your vanity is nearing the end of its life and it’s time for a new vanity. Today bathroom vanities are made of many different materials, colors, and shapes, giving you more options than you’ve had before. Stained or painted wood is no longer your only choice. But your options don’t stop there. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you have the option to go with a single basin or a double sink vanity. If you’re more into antique-styled bathroom vanities, there is even a large selection of traditional and classically designed vanities that will give your bathroom that old-world charm. From forward-thinking designs to more traditional styles, you have an impressive array of bathroom vanities to choose from for your bathroom renovation.

Selecting a New Sink

Your bathroom sink takes a lot of abuse. Its daily use and constant exposure to many different elements (i.e. water, mouth wash, hair care products, etc.) can quickly erode its luster, leaving behind a dull, drab, and out-dated sink. If you care about the overall appearance of your bathroom, you need to update your sink. If you haven’t checked out the latest selection of contemporary sinks available to bathroom remodelers today, you’ll be surprised at the elaborate assortment of brightly colored and styled sinks currently sweeping the bathroom renovation industry today. Sinks these days can come in just about any color under the sun, contain exquisitely drawn designs, and even come in different shapes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to selecting a new bathroom sink, so go out there and explore.

New Sink Advice: If you’re going to update your sink, you should also update your vanity. Nothing looks tackier than a brand new bathroom sink resting in an old, dilapidated bathroom vanity. So update your sink and your vanity at the same time. It will save you the embarrassment of having your friends and family point out your bathroom’s “odd” mixture of old and new.

Don’t Let the Neighbors Outdo Your Bathroom

Bathroom fixtures are more prevalent and obtainable than ever before. The wide range of contemporary styles available to renovators is making it very easy for homeowners to transform their once dim and drab bathrooms into reflections of modern luxury. So if you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation, remember, you don’t need to stick to the standard bathroom styles. Venture out and discover the latest styles and designs available in the bathroom renovation market today. Before you know it, you’ll be basking your bathroom’s new modern décor.

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